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Meet Coffeeish

Superior Taste - Superb Service

We started our business in 2016 right after our second child. Chaos caught us right between Coffee and Ish, and forced us to choose between things like sleep or food; because let's be honest - you can't have both!

Since day one, we knew that we were meant to spread the love of coffee by offering simply the best in all categories of Luxury Coffee and Chocolate. We have enjoyed our educational journey in the coffee industry and have made a big difference to our customers by the intricate detail and quality of our products. The coffee bean is a true healing element.

At Coffeeish we bring high-quality to Coffee and Chocolate in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. Our passion for service has been the driving force from the beginning and continues to propel us today. We know that you will enjoy the many ways in which we have incorporated the bean. From our finest imported chocolates, to our crafted cold brews and even down to our signature candle and body oil - there are no limits to what the bean can do.

So from one obsessively Coffeeish snob to another...CHEERS!

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